Cider Making Workshop

Date/Time Location Course facilitator
15 May 2021 9:30 AM - 12:30 PM Yaffingale House Steve Gibson

Cider Making Workshop with Steve Gibson

If you had a glut of apples this year and you want to learn what to do with your apple juice next year, then book on to one of these workshops. Under the expert guidance Steve Gibson, known locally as “Steve The Mead” you will learn the skills needed to make your own cider, have a cider tasting, and take home 4 litres of your own cider to enjoy at home. Steve has been brewing country wines, meads and cider since 2005 and continued with the craft ever since.  The hobby has grown, and Steve now keeps his own bees to harvest honey for Mead (Honey Wine) and gives talks and demonstrations and workshops to local groups and enthusiasts.

Introduction To Cider
Find out all about traditional ciders, discussing how the variety of apple can impact on flavour and the different types of cider you can make including perry and fruit ciders.

Preparation & Practical Session
A fun, practical session making your own cider from apple juice, preparing you for your own home cider making.  You will gain an introduction to the ingredients needed, how to make and how to calculate the alcohol content.

Preparation For Bottling
A demonstration on how to transfer the cider from the primary vessel into bottles once fermentation has completed (you will need to do this step at home).An informal morning learning the joys of brewing your own Cider.

Sampling & Questions 
We will then try samples of freshly brewed cider, and some commercial alternatives, alongside a Q & A session with Steve. You will then leave with  around 4 litres  of your own cider to share with friends and family. You will also get to keep all the equipment needed to continue this hobby at home, as well as your notes.


Please arrive 10 mins before the start time. There is car parking on site, but please drive carefully due to free ranging animals.  Please wear appropriate, warm, clothing.

We have a maximum of 5 spaces available, therefore only members of the SFTG are able to book, this event is not open to non members. This small group size enables plenty of one to one tuition and ensures we all have enough room to socially distance.  Steve will make sure we follow the guidelines on the day but please do not attend on the day if you are feeling unwell.  Bring a face mask.


Bookings are closed for this event.

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