Bacon Curing and Sausage Making

Date/Time Location Course facilitator
9 Nov 2019 10:30 AM - 2:30 PM 10 Fairlawn Drive, East Grinstead Andrew lake

A quick run through bacon curing and the opportunity to start off your own to take back home with you. Followed by a hands-on practical on making sausages.
I have a small(ish) commercial meat grinder and large manual sausage stuffer so you can bring your own meat and ingredients and make a big batch to take home. Alternatively (and maybe simpler) you can help process around 3 kilos of meat and produce about 4 kilos of sausage, of which you will take home approx. one kilo of sausages per person.

If you want to make your own batch of sausage, bring a mix of lean and fatty meat (eg pork shoulder and belly), your preferred spices and sausage skins and fairly large hygienic plastic boxes to take the product home in.

For bacon, bring the thickest pork belly (from the supermarket or your own if you have it) of a size that will fit into a Tupperware box (other boxes are available!).
If you wish to make your own bacon curing mix bring another Tupperware box plus:
A variety of fragrant spices of your preference eg juniper berries, bay leaves, black pepper, coriander, ginger   where the weight = x gram
Salt (basic table salt or exotic if you prefer) weight =200x gram
Brown sugar, weight = 40x gram
For your own sausages you can order ingredients online from many suppliers such as

Alternatively, if you just want to practice, I will have all the ingredients to make sufficient sausages for everyone to have a go at each stage of the process – and you can take samples of your handiwork home with you.

Only 4 spaces available so book early!


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