Beginners Pressure & Water Bath Canning Workshop

Date/Time Location Course facilitator
31 Jul 2022 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM Yaffingale House The UK Canning Queen

Pressure Canning Workshop UKJoin fellow member and knowledgeable pressure Canner Karen, in a kitchen setting and learn the basics of both water bath canning, and the process of “Pressure Canning” – (which is not to be confused with pressure cooking that we have here in the UK).

This is an ideal workshop for those who want to learn how to preserve their produce without the need to refrigerate, or freeze. The techniques you learn will give you shelf stable foods for a minimum of one year, without the need to use expensive electricity. Pressure canning is little used in the UK, but this process does enable you to preserve and store your precious produce for a minimum of one year in a pantry or cupboard environment. We will be using the “All American” pressure canner, although this course will also cover the Presto Pressure Canner.

During the workshop you will learn when to use the water bath canner, when to use a pressure canner, the basics of water bath, and pressure canning, how to raw pack, and how to hot pack. You will look at the types of jars and lids to use when water bath, and pressure canning, as well as the best foods to pressure can. You will learn how to can a variety of foods including fresh vegetable and raw meat, as well as meals in jars. (cans) This workshop focuses on safely canning, as well as top tips for the Do’s and Don’ts of Canning.

This workshop forms part of our Food Security & Food Independence series, designed to help you become more self sufficient with your food options.

You will be given the chance to sample pressure canned, shelf stable foods during the workshop if you wish to.

* This workshop is set in a family kitchen environment where cats and dogs have been / are present – please inform the host of any allergies.

Can’t make this date? Event sold out? Please email our training organiser so that you will be on the list when we run the workshop again.


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