FREE! – Getting Ready for Lambing – Online with Zoom

Date/Time Location Course facilitator
22 Feb 2022 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM Jenny Cloke

This is a theory workshop with lots of pictures and it is recommended that you watch on a PC monitor rather than a phone screen if you can.  The advantage of a Zoom course is that there is no travelling and you can drink as much coffee (or alcohol) as you want while you listen!

Jenny has had been lambing for more than 20 years.  She will help you prepare for this exciting time.  She will include the pros and cons of indoor vs outdoor lambing, what happens during lambing and when to intervene, how to care for the ewe and lamb after lambing. She will also cover the equipment that you need. Common problems at lambing time will be discussed. There will also  be a question and answer session at the same time on the following day – so email her using the following link   email our training organiser  after this Zoom event and we can cover your questions and comments on the 23rd Feb at 7 p.m. (if you book on this event you will also receive a link for the event on the 23rd Feb, but if you don’t want to come,  just don’t click on the Zoom link).  This year we are also running a practical lambing morning with Peter Froggatt which is highly recommended if you are new to lambing (it is a separate event on our website).  




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