How to perform sheep faecal egg counts using flotation and microscopic examination

Date/Time Location Course facilitator
15 Jan 2019 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM Fairfield House Vets Andy Wood

When sheep have high worm burdens drenches are usually given.  However, in order to know if the sheep need drenching or if the drench is effective a faecal egg count should be performed.  This is often done by sending away a sample or taking it to your vet. However, smallholders could do this test themselves if they purchased a special slide and a cheapish microscope. This course is a demonstration of how to do the test and identify different worm eggs. It does not cover fluke eggs.

Worm burdens are not particularly high in January so if we all bring some dung samples, hopefully we will get to see some worm eggs. Even if you do not plan to do the test yourself, you will learn more about worm burdens in sheep and how to reduce anthelmintic resistance.

You will need to bring a fresh sample (i.e. collected same day) of sheep poo from several of your sheep.  A pooled sample of 10 is usually recommended with a similar number of pellets from each, total about 100g – realistically bring a sample of about 100g from as many sheep as you like.  Also bring paper and pen.


This event is fully booked.

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