Pork Butchery Day at Hendall Barns

Date/Time Location Course facilitator
14 Sep 2013 9:30 AM - 5:00 PM Hendall Barn Rob Hughes

This day will be split into two sessions – a morning demonstration of butchering down a half pig (side of pork) and then an afternoon practical tutorial session.

Members may book either the morning at £25pp or the full day at £50pp.

Due to space limitation places are capped at 10 for the morning session. The afternoon will be booked on a 'table' basis, with each table catering for a side of pork. there will be four tables available and each can be shared by up to two people – perfect if you are a couple or sharing with a friend!

Sides of pork can be purchased at £80 per side and paid for on the day. Alternatively if you have your own pig or you would like to purchase from another supplier you can arrange delivery at the venue on the day (please discuss with the GTO).

The morning session will cover preparation, practical considerations of butchery at home, health & hygiene, equipment, technique and a demonstration of cutting a side down into basic cuts.

The afternoon will cover practical butchery with assistance – bacon curing may be included but due to time restrictions sausage making will not be included. 

Please ensure you select the most appropriate ticket and contact the GTO if any concerns. Please contact the GTO if you wish to purchase a side of pork through the group and this can be sourced for you.

There is a booking cut off date for 2nd September to ensure sufficient time is available to make arrangements.


Bookings are closed for this event.

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