Rag Rug Making

Date/Time Location Course facilitator
28 Jul 2018 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM The Mohair Centre Debbie Siniska

Rag Rugs – an enduring thrift craft that is as relevant today as it was in the early 1900’s and beyond, when people made rag rugs out of necessity, using their  worn out clothing, and an old grain sack used as the backing.   Families would all work on the next rag rug during the dark winter evenings, to be laid out in the Spring.  ‘Bless this House’ or ‘Welcome’ and ‘Home Sweet Home’ would often be depicted. . These rugs would start life probably as a bed cover, (often incorporating scraps from patchwork  quilts)  then work through the house, eventually ending up in the scullery, at the back door, then onto the compost heap to rot down.  Not many of these old rugs survive as they were used till they fell apart.

Students will learn this traditional thrift craft, and use simple hand tools to create a ‘ hooky’  and  ‘proddy’ surface, to make a homely hardwearing rag rug for a spot by the fireside, or doorway. Pre loved sweaters, cardis, old tee shirts and any stretch knits are good materials to use.

Techniques covered: Fabric prep, marking out designs (tutor will have templates ), choosing colours, using a hook, using a bodger./peg proddy and finishing and backing will all be covered in this fun one day course.


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