Small Small Farmers – Keeping Quail for Pets & Eggs

Date/Time Location Course facilitator
12 Apr 2022 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM Yaffingale House Lindsay Owen

For our Small, Small Farmers, rearing quail are really super easy, and make a great pet to start out with – and best of all, they give you delicious, and nutritious eggs to eat too! Come and meet Debbie who leads our Small, Small Farmers, and who will lead the children as they meet with our resident quail expert on the farm.

Quail can be raised in small spaces, and so are the ideal livestock starter, not just for smallholders, but those with small gardens, or even just a balcony or patio, and they are a good starter bird for children. Great if you are a parent of a keen farmer, as they really don’t take much looking after either!¬†

We will look at the different type of quail to raise, how to care for your quail, and keep them so happy that they will lay you the most wonderful eggs. We will also look at the costs of raising these birds versus what they bring back, you could even increase your pocket mony by starting a little quail egg selling business. You will be given the chance to sample some quail  eggs on this workshop too.

This workshop forms part of our Small, Small Farmers series, check out our diary of events to see what else we have for our younger farmers. There will be quail available to purchase on the day, as well as quail food, so please bring a box if you want to take some quail home.

* This workshop is set on a working smallholding and in a family kitchen environment where cats and dogs have been / are present – please inform the host of any issues or allergies.

Can’t make this date? Event sold out? We will be running this course several times in 2022, please check our diary for other available times. Please email our training organiser so that you will be on the list when we run the workshop again.


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