Tree Inspection Course | Love Those Trees – £65

Date/Time Location Course facilitator
20 Mar 2020 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM Plumpton College Rural Business Center Plumpton College

This course is very important in this time of climate collapse, trees are our only real source for cleaning the air and providing us with the oxygen we all need. There are programs for planting trees being set up worldwide to help combat the catastrophic effect of corporate deforestation, we have all seen the devastating effects on our surroundings and wildlife of Dutch Elm disease, Ash die back and other such illness. The tree inspection course helps us to identify trees, identify diseases and problems that our lovely countryside companions are facing, and so by arming ourselves with better knowledge we get to heal our world and set things right for the future of our children! We all need to know more about trees!
This one day course aims to provide specific tree survey and inspection training, to allow you to identify obvious defects from ground level so that you can generate a report for follow up action. This course will be run by an experienced tutor from Plumpton College and will include:

Tree Inspection:

  • The safety and legal implications of hazardous trees
  • How to maintain your own health and safety while carrying out a basic survey and tree inspection
  • Recognising a hazardous tree
  • Determine level of risk
  • Decide on an appropriate course of action
  • Recognise your own limitations
  • Practical session to observe range of visual indicators of structural vulnerability.


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