The chicken… A brief History

The chicken… A brief History 658 658 Gabby Dolan (GTO)

By Dave Goodwin We’ve all seen them, and many of us will have kept them, but I expect very few of us have stopped to wonder where these little walking triangles came from (and I don’t mean the supermarket). They have become a globally important source of high quality cheap…

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Growing your own bread

Growing your own bread 1380 776 Paul Lovatt-Smith

Ahhh bread…. What can beat the smell of freshly baked bread in the morning, or the taste of a slice of hot buttered toast?  Wheat flour is such a major part of our diet, but how much do you know about how it’s produced? Paul Lovatt Smith explains how he’s…

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The results of our Courses survey

The results of our Courses survey 150 150 Gabby Dolan (GTO)

We can’t do courses for you right now… But the good news is that when we’re back to fulfilling our brief as the Small Farm TRAINING Group, we’ll know what courses you want. You’ll no doubt remember that way back in February / March, when the world was a simpler…

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SFTG website refresh survey results

SFTG website refresh survey results 730 452 Gabby Dolan (GTO)
You remember that pair of surveys that we asked you to fill in at the start of the year? Well, we didn’t just bin the results – oh no! We studied them! And now we’ve published them! Take a look at what was said – the good, the bad and the ugly… read more

Dig for Victory!

Dig for Victory! 150 150 Gabby Dolan (GTO)
Perhaps the most well-known instance of everyone pulling together, large and small, young and old toward a common agricultural goal was the British World War II effort, under the headline of “Dig for Victory.” But these lessons are still valuable for us today during pandemic lockdown… read more
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