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This is one of the more important and time-consuming roles within the group. You don’t need advanced accountancy skills, but you need to be able to read a balance sheet and like working with numbers. This post will appeal to someone who enjoys attention to detail and gets a kick from knowing that the accounts are accurate. We try and streamline our accounts as much as possible with online payments rather than cash or cheques.

You will work closely with the membership secretary and training organiser(s) to make sure that the correct money comes in and that you pay tutors and issue refunds as well as pay other bills. You need broadband so that you can make bank transfers and communicate by e-mail.

The accounts are in an Excel spreadsheet, so you need to be comfortable with spreadsheets and making bank transfers. We also use Paypal. Initially there will be quite a lot of new software and payment methods to learn – none are difficult, but you will need to make the time to get to grips with our systems.

You will also be required to attend the committee meetings via Zoom, and share your excel spreadsheets / update of the accounts at the meetings.

You will need to do an annual recap at the AGM to the members.

Skills needed: Attention to details, good with numbers, organised.

These other committee roles do all have a volunteer who is willingly to do the role and stand for election. However, you are more than welcome to nominate yourself for any of the following:

The Chairperson (Zoe Chinman re-standing for election) 

The Chairs role is predominantly the glue that holds the group and committee together. Technically there isn’t a awful lot to do as the Chair the role in terms of tasks, but it is very challenging and time consuming as you are called upon on an almost daily basis. There will be someone or something nearly every single day that needs your advice, help, sign off, or opinion on something.


Attend all committee meetings. Liaise with all other committee members both collectively at group meetings and individually in person, on the telephone or by Zoom to offer mentorship, advice, and ensure their tasks are still on track. Provide help and support to any other committee member who needs help on their task.

Answers general membership questions, press, business queries etc via email and telephone.

Attend as many SFTG events as possible, including Friday night meetings, shows like Heathfield and South of England, summer BBQ and Harvest Picnic.

Skills needed: Very people orientated, positive mindset, good admin ability, computer literate, good internet skills. Needs someone who is happy to be “The Face of the SFTG” and probably more extrovert than introvert in personality.

ViceChair (Debbie Gordon Re -standing) 

Stand in for the Chairperson on any of the above issues.

Give help and support to the Chairperson in terms of any of the above issues that need an extra pair of hands or to stand in for the Chair. Attend as many SFTG events as possible, including Friday night meetings, shows like Heathfield and South of England, summer BBQ and Harvest Picnic.

Skills needed: Good admin ability, computer literate, good internet skills. Can be less people focused, would suit an introvert or extrovert personality type, as much of the support to the Chair is “back office” support.

Newsletter Editor: Caroline Upton is re-standing for this role

Responsible for the creation of the bimonthly SFTG newsletter. Collating articles from sftg members and committee members for publication. Developing editorial articles for publication

Producing and sharing the newsletter electronically with all members.

Skills – computer skills and an ability to coerce articles from others.

Friday Night / Social Events Organiser (Cat Bush is standing for election to take over this role) 

The Friday nights meetings organiser needs to arrange talks (or relevant films), for 9 months of the year (not August, November or December). Meetings are on the 3rd Friday of the month. About 2 weeks before a meeting contact the speaker to ensure they are still available and put out a notice on the Forum reminding members of the talk. Coordinate with whoever is doing teas and coffees, to make sure we have volunteers. There is a proforma statement that says everything else that needs to be added about the evening. Remind whoever is looking after our facebook page to put out an announcement, you will need to give them the important details and if possible a nice image. Like wise for the SFTG website. We request people to book so that we know who to contact in the case of late cancellation due to bad weather etc. You will receive an email each time someone books. (There will usually be people turning up on the night without booking.)

The organiser needs to be at the hall (currently the Goward Hall) between 7.15 and 7.30 to greet the speaker, set up any audio-visuals that are needed, and make sure everyone signs the signing in list. Before the meeting the previous chair (Paul Lovatt Smith) made announcements of forthcoming events and welcomed everyone to the meeting but in recent years the meetings organisers have done this. Ensure that if the speaker requires a fee that the treasurer knows how and how much they wish to be paid so that it can be done promptly. We have meetings organised up to and including next February, so there is plenty of time to come up with new ideas. I can pass on all relevant computer files to the new meetings organiser.

This is not a difficult job, and takes 3-4 hours a month, plus the meeting itself.

Membership Secretary – (Karen Boehm is standing for election, Michelle Oster is standing as Membership Mentor to support Karen)


Responding to membership enquiries from new and existing members in a timely manner

Maintaining an up-to-date database of members, including GDPR preferences

Issuing a welcome email to new members, including new member’s pack and latest newsletter

Preparing and sending membership cards

Managing annual renewals, including updating forms associated with membership

Performing annual refresh of the database i.e. removing leavers, tidying up data

Providing memberships lists for the Newsletter and limited membership information to Windmill Feeds (for the purpose of providing members with a discount)

Liaising with the Treasurer on financial aspects of membership

Acting as a signatory to the STFG bank account

Skills: Good communication skills, Good IT skills, Well organised

Time Commitment

Time commitment: Daily monitoring of SFTG Membership email +1/2 hrs per week (Oct-June)/ increased time required during renewal period

Attendance at Zoom committee meetings and AGM

Social Media, Sales & Marketing (Jay Kendall is standing for election) 

Keep the groups social media Facebook and Instagram upto date with current news, share members stories, events, and other interesting smallholding related stories.

Promote the group to new and old members.  Promote workshops, courses, talks, and social events using social media, canva, mailchimp and the in house forum.

Skills needed are a basic understanding of all of the above, or at willingness to learn the majority of them. Good general computer skills.

Attendance at Zoom committee meetings and AGM

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