Toolshed item: Apple Press

We are very pleased to have acquired this top quality 12 litre apple press.

The crossbeam and screw mechanism lifts out of the press so that you can crush your fruit directly into the basket and after pressing empty your used pulp easily. We understand that with a suitable crusher (also avaiable in the SFTG Toolshed) you can produce up to 13.5 litres (3 gallons) of juice an hour.

Must be used with a straining bag (included). Line the wooden cylinder with the bag, fill with crushed fruit and fold the edges in to enclose the fruit completely. Swing the pressure plate over the cylinder and use the butterfly nut to secure in place. Turn the top bar to steadily press the fruit.

Brand:  Kilner
Model:  12 litre Fruit Press
Height:  61cm / 24″
Width:  46cm / 18” max
Capacity: 11 kg (24 lbs) of crushed fruit
Weight:  in the region of 30 kg / 65 lbs

Rental period: 3 days
Rental charge: £8 or, if rented with the apple crusher, £10 for both.

Enquiries: Zoe on 07540 633909 or email her at
Loction: Whitesmith, post code area BN8



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