Toolshed Item: Magpie Trap


This is a traditional device for the humane trapping of magpies.
To attract the birds, a lure is placed inside the cage’s largest compartment. When the intruder enters at the top of the cage and lands on the perch below it triggers the trap and is safely caught. The lure can be food such as a dead chick or eggs as shown above. Some people use a decoy plastic bird (available in country stores or online.) You can use a previously trapped bird so long as you ensure it has food, water and shade.

The trap must by law be checked at least once a day as birds must not be allowed to suffer. Trapped birds must not be released and must be humanely killed.


The trap in the photo is the actual one you will be hiring. It shows our Zoe’s first prey!

Rental period: 7 days
Rental charge: £2 per week

Enquiries: Zoe on 07540 633909 or email her at
Location: Whitesmith, near Lewes, post code BN8


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