Beginners guide to Lambing – 6th April 2024 1030 – 1230

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6 Apr 2024 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM Butterbox Farm Peter Froggatt

Peter is a very experienced farmer and he is happy to explain about lambing and how to prepare for this exciting time.  Peter will include the pros and cons of indoor vs outdoor lambing, what happens during lambing and when to intervene, how to care for the ewe and lamb after birth and what equipment you may need. Common problems at lambing time, feeding, nutrition and health, what to do in the case of pro-lapse, castrating and de-tailing,   Peter is happy to answer your questions and to help you start your lambing/sheep rearing journey.


The workshop will be held in a barn and hopefully there will be chance for some hands on experience, please dress appropriately and wear clean boots.

Please note if its possible and Peter has enough hands available this workshop will be moved to a week earlier (when more lambs are being born) in the hope that there is more chance of actually seeing the lambs being born and a more hands on experience, when booking please confirm whether you would be able to make the week earlier.

To find out more about Butterbox Farm please visit –   The Story of our Flock – Butterbox Farm




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Beginners guide to lambing - 6th April 1030 - 1230
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