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Tool Library

Need a tool but don’t want to buy it?

Want to buy a tool but first need to try it?

The tool lending library is back! And as a member of SFTG you are welcome to rent any of the tools we have in our toolshed.

Our goal is to support our members, not to make profit, and this is reflected in the rental prices. Prices vary for each tool but we are pretty certain it will be cheaper than anywhere else you can rent it.   Let us know what other tools you’d like to see added to the list.

Each item has its own rental period, some are days and some are weeks, depending on what’s sensible for the use of that tool.

All we ask in return (apart from the rental fee) is that you treat the tool as if it were your own, using it responsibly and cleaning it thoroughly before returning it. The condition shall then be reviewed and no charge shall be made for fair wear and tear damage. However, in the case of accident resulting in breakage you will pay for repair or replacement of the tool.

ToolClick on image for infoHire periodCharge
Apple crusherlink to apple crusher description3 days£5 or £10 total if hired with the apple press
Apple Press
3 days£8 or £10 total if hired with the apple crusher
Bottle capperUp to 1 weekNo charge
Chick brooder1 to 7 weeksRefer to item detail page (click the photo)
Reserved for elec fencing
Fleshing knifeweek£1 per week
Generator, 900W7 days£25 + £15 per additional week
Incubator, Digital25 days +£28 + £7 per additional week
Magpie trap7 days£2 per week
Meat mincer3 days£10 + £8 per additional week
Peg Loomweek£1 per week
Post rammer7 days£3 + £3 per additional week
Poultry dispatcher3 days£10
Scythe3 days£10
Sheep haltersweek50p per halter
Waders, size 10week£1
Waders, size 5week£1

Should you need the tool for a longer period than originally agreed you can always check to see if anyone else has booked it after you; if not you are welcome to rehire for another rental period.

Usage of the equipment is at your own risk; any injury resulting in usage is not the fault of SFTG. It is your responsibility to wear suitable protective gear, to observe safe working practices and to ensure the safety of third parties.

TELL US – We are starting out small, with a few tools we know will be in demand. Ideas for additions to the toolshed are also always welcome, just email and we will see what we can do.
JOIN US ~ If you have a tool you don’t use or only use rarely, how about making available via the toolshed for others to use for a small fee?

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