2017 September Meeting. Lewes and bonfire night – Andy Thomas

Date/Time Location Course facilitator
15 Sep 2017 7:45 PM - 10:00 PM The Mohair Centre

Our first meeting after the summer break will be at the Mohair Centre and will start at 7.45 with the opportunity to have a cup of tea or coffee before our speaker starts his talk at 8.00.

Andy Thomas is our speaker and he will be talking about Lewes and Bonfire Night which he will illustrate with his own photographs exploring the historical town of Lewes which is world-renowned for its huge annual Bonfire Night festivities. He takes a revealing look at the enthralling multi-layered rituals and events, which make this colourful and controversial mix of folklore, liberty issues and burlesque humour unique.

You will be able to browse the library boxes to select books, videos etc to borrow. Please put 50p in the pink pig and write the date, your name and the book/video reference number in the log book. When returning items, please make sure that you strike out the details in the log book which helps Jenny to keep tabs on everything. The money goes towards the purchase of new books.

As usual, if you have any produce or items for sale (anything such as case, jams, eggs etc) please put them on the table inside the entrance door.

If the room has not already been set out for us it would be very helpful if those who are able could assist in bringing in and returning chairs from the storage cupboard that is in the open area at the front of the building.

Lastly, on arrival please make sure that you are signed in by Roy as it is important we know who is present in the event of an emergency.

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