Making The Most of Your Harvest

Date/Time Location Course facilitator
16 Jul 2023 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM Hope Spring Denise Taylor

If you grow your own food on any level, from a small patch in your garden to a full-on allotment plot, Autumn is very much the season of harvesting. It’s hard to beat freshly picked produce, but the reality is often that we have more than we can possibly eat.  In 2022 the gluts have been courgettes and tomatoes.

The pleasure in growing our own fruit and vegetables is not only being able to enjoy them when they are in season, but also to be able to store and preserve any excess so that we can enjoy them at other times of the year.

This informative workshop led by fellow member Denise,  gives you an overview of various methods of preserving your precious harvest when the time comes, they include dehydrating, pickling, fermenting, batch cooking & freezing and preserving herbs for easy use through the year.

This course will give you an idea of how and why you do each of the processes and give you the pros and cons of all. You can then pick some you like and choose to go onto further workshops in the year that follow subjects in more detail.

How to Tell When Fruits and Vegetables are Ready for Harvest

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