Meet the Member Becky & Pete Jenner

Date/Time Location Course facilitator
29 Jul 2023 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM Misty Acres Becky & Pete

Becky and Pete moved from Brighton to Misty Acres at Lower Horsebridge a couple of years ago. Having found the Small Farm Training Group, both of them have been enjoying some of our workshops and events and are rapidly becoming part of their new countryside community. Becky is showing a real love and passion for flower growing, and Pete is loving embracing everything else!
They are throwing open their garden for us to have a little get together, show us the progress they have made so far, and what plans they have for the future.
This is what Becky has to say:
“We have about half an acre of garden which was extremely overgrown and neglected for some time. Becky’s grand idea was to start a small flower farming business. Pete’s grand idea was to have chickens, bees and grow veg. Tom and Barbara we are not though – with lots of enthusiasm, hard work and experiential learning¬† we do now have some flowers and veg to show for our efforts – hurrah! Come and see what we have been up to but don’t come expecting to get any tips and advice! Unless you want to know how not to do it! :)”


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