Strawberry Tea – Saturday 17th June

Date/Time Location Course facilitator
17 Jun 2023 2:30 PM - 4:30 PM Meadow Farm, Lower Dicker Tess and Simon Gray

Tess and Simon Gray have invited us again for another lovely afternoon.  We start the afternoon eating homegrown strawberries along with strawberry jam and scones (which are Simon’s specialty!)

Tess and Simon used to grow strawberries for sale at the farm gate and Pick Your Own.  Now they just grow them for family and friends – and of course we are friends! They will tell you how to get started if you want to grow them for profit, or if it is just for yourself  which varieties to grow and how to care for your plants and protect them from any vermin that also like strawberries!

As well as a productive strawberry plot Tess and Simon also grow lots of vegetables, fruit and flowers.  Tess is a keen flower arranger so come and see which plants make for pretty arrangements, she usually has beautiful sweet peas, roses and dahlias.  There is always a bit of a competition between the tomatoes and vegetables grown in Simon’s greenhouse and those that Tess grows in the new greenhouse – so come and see who is winning this year.

After walking round the garden we will probably walk through part of the Gray’s 90 acre farm and admire their ponds, hedges and pasture.  We may also see sheep as their land is let to a local shepherd.



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