Enhancing wildlife on farms – July 2012 talk

Enhancing wildlife on farms – July 2012 talk

Enhancing wildlife on farms – July 2012 talk 150 150 Fred Farbrother

Enhancing wildlife on farms – Useful web sites – July 2012

       http://www.naturalengland.org.uk/information_for/farmers_and_land_managers/default.aspx         Lots of information and guidance, for example:

       http://publications.naturalengland.org.uk/category/41004   Technical information notes for managing wildlife on the farm

       http://rpa.defra.gov.uk/rpa/index.nsf/home     For information about Single Farm Payments and Cross Compliance guidance

       http://www.natureonthemap.naturalengland.org.uk/ A useful tool for finding what is around your farm

       http://www.magic.gov.uk  Geographic information on environmental schemes and designations

       http://www.floralocale.org/HomePage All you need to know about wildflowers

       http://www.buglife.org.uk/ All you need to know about invertebrates, for example:


       http://www.mammal.org.uk/ The Mammal Society

       http://sxbrc.org.uk/ The Sussex Biodiversity Records Centre – The source for biological information in Sussex

       http://www.sos.org.uk/ Sussex Ornithological Society

       http://www.sussexwildlifetrust.org.uk/index.htm?id=default The County’s wildlife charity

       http://www.biodiversitysussex.org/  Sussex Biodiversity Partnership, for example:

       http://www.biodiversitysussex.org/habitats/lowland-meadows advice on meadows

       http://www.highwealdlandscapetrust.org/weald-meadows-initiative.html Weald Meadows Initiative pages for the High Weald AONB

       http://www.fwagadvice.co.uk/   Temporary website for the Farming and Wildlife Advisors Group in the Region (FWAG National site has been closed and Advisors are sorting out local sites).

       http://www.gwct.org.uk/education__advice/default.asp Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust Education and Advice pages

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