Toolshed Item: Scything Kit

We have a choice of a wooden handled Austrian scythe for someone of medium height or a metal handled one for a taller person.
The Austrian scythe has a 65 cm blade suitable for grass, wild flowers and nettles.
The metal scythe has a 45 cm blade that will cut as above plus sturdier material such as woody weeds and thistles.

The scythe comes complete with whetstones for sharpening and honing, a peening jig for restoring the cutting edge and the booklet ‘Notes on the Use of the Austrian Scythe’. This explains adjusting the scythe to the user’s height, maintaining the cutting edge and basics of scything.

Rental period: 3 days
Rental charge: £10.00

Enquiries: Paul Lovatt-Smith on 01323 833012 or email him at
Location: Horam


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